Clue II

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Lonely and still the

student of Socrates wonders,

Has the postman been?

Fungi II

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Stone Stats I

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Province, I thought you might appreciate an overall tally of the stone count. So far 33 have been found! Which means 67 remain hidden. Keep your eyes open! And keep watching the blog for clues; I’ve queued up some good ones.

Some other facts relevant to the project:

  • Crossed the North Saskatchewan River 7 times
  • Crossed the South Saskatchewan River 5 times
  • Struck camp 10 times
  • Saw 7 foxes
  • Embarked upon 13 hikes
  • Passed through 2 ghost towns

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Undergrowth I

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Road Trip Randoms

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August 22, 2013 § 2 Comments

Province, Maryfield is like my second hometown; the place where I went to school, an extension of my home at Fairlight. My Mom helped me hide a stone in Maryfield’s movie theatre last year, and it’s finally been discovered as preparations are made to upgrade to a digital projector. The Friday night movie was a highlight of my childhood experience in that small town and I’m very proud of the community’s determination to keep the theatre alive. Congratulations, Val!

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Visual Clue I

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Maple Creek

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Province, perhaps you recall this post, in which I mentioned the fact that some of the stones I hid last summer seem to be having adventures unknown. Well, one of those has turned up at last! Valentine Amobi brought the stone he discovered in Maple Creek to the Legislative recently. Doesn’t he have a great name?

PS If you’ve not been to The Star Cafe, you ought to stop in next time you’re passing by.

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Cherries and Chocolate Mousse

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A Real Live Trading Post

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Robertson’s Trading Post, that is.

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