Stones Unturned

Thus far: These are the stones that have been unturned, listed in order of which I learned of their discovery.

  1. Douglas Provincial Park
  2. Eyebrow
  3. Borden
  4. Findlater
  5. Cochin Lighthouse
  6. Kipling
  7. Silton Chapel
  8. Chief Poundmaker’s Grave
  9. Fairlight
  10. Good Spirit Lake
  11. Turtle Lake
  12. Woodrow
  13. The Great Sand Hills
  14. Carrot River
  15. The Big Muddy Badlands
  16. Assiniboia
  17. Adanac
  18. St. Louis
  19. Crooked Trees
  20. Val Marie
  21. Yellow Grass
  22. Kerrobert
  23. Froude
  24. Fairy Glen
  25. Gem Lakes
  26. Greenwater Lake
  27. St. Brieux
  28. Strasbourg
  29. Muenster
  30. Claybank
  31. Maple Creek
  32. Maryfield
  33. Grey Owl’s Cabin
  34. Wanuskewin
  35. La Ronge
  36. Moose Jaw
  37. Canuck
  38. Beauval
  39. Gravelbourg
  40. Shaunavon
  41. Plato
  42. Regina
  43. St. Walburg
  44. Stanley Mission
  45. Sceptre

§ 7 Responses to Stones Unturned

  • Judy Seguin says:

    I returned one recently from the Museum in St.Walburg, Sk.

  • corlamcg111 says:

    I’m counting 55 still not accounted for… is that right?

  • Dillon Demeester says:

    hey I found one, how much do i win?

  • Daphne Panio says:

    Hello Terri,
    My name is Daphne, I work in the legislative building and it has now become my life goal to find a stone of yours. It’s very unfortunate that some have found a stone and have not returned it 😦
    I would like to give my opinion on your beautiful thought out project that the stones be engraved with the person who found the stone, and a write up a little about them and their story. This way they will always be remembered and apart of history for as long as the legislative stands. Maybe stones that have been found but not replaced at its rightful place (legislative building in Regina) would then be returned ?
    Also “Arnold” he works at the ledge and has for 37 years tells me to say hello! ☺️ He also wanted me to ask if there really is a stone hidden in the building? He mentioned that you told him that but he hasn’t found it, but still continues to look. If you did truly hide on in the ledge we would love a hint.

    Also, I was wondering if the Wadena stone has been found? I have you went back there at all to see if it’s where you left it? This town is very close to my heart and would love to try and find it.

    Feel free to email my personal email as well, it would be an Honour.

    Thank you,
    Daphne Panio

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