About the Artist

Terri Fidelak was raised in Fairlight, Saskatchewan, where she spent her childhood rumbling around in grain trucks and deciphering the whispers of northern lights. After completing a BA in English Literature and a BFA in printmaking at the University of Regina, she moved to Quebec and then to Japan. There she became a contributor to the local art scene and travelled abundantly until she eventually came home to the prairies. Fidelak now lives and works in Regina.

Fidelak’s drawings and sculptural installations are a celebration of prairie, an exploration of origins, and a search for wonder. She is shaped by the landscape of her birth and strives to honour human kinship to the earth through narrative. We tell tales as offerings of self-definition and totems of belonging. Fidelak is intrigued by the details of personal and collective fictions; by the mythical, the mundane, the sacred, and the strange within our stories. In exploring these facets of human relationship to one another and to the land, Fidelak unearths wonder in ordinary moments and articulates the connectivity of all things.


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