I Found One!

So, you found a Tyndall stone? Congratulations!

Now what?…

Step 1  This project is all about bringing people together, so share your discovery with family, friends, and the community at large!

Step 2  Feel free to email me, Terri, with any questions or comments you may have. Just click on the CONTACT link which appears when you hover over ABOUT THE ARTIST.

Step 3  When you next make a trip to Regina, please bring the stone to the Saskatchewan Legislative building. If you are unable to travel to Regina yourself, please send the stone along with someone in your community who is headed this way. Speak to the friendly person at the front desk, and he or she will make sure your stone lands where it’s meant to!

Step 4  While you’re at the Legislative building, take a tour to appreciate the fine detail, the architecture, and the history. Or, just wander around the exterior and see how many fossils you can spot in the Tyndall stone!

Thank you for your participation in the project!

§ 40 Responses to I Found One!

  • Aqila Azizi says:

    I cant wait to find one!!

  • Jason Wiebe says:

    Whoo-hooo! Found one!!!!!!!! Cool project and now I want to find more. I will bring it up when we visit family.

  • Oh great! Thanks, maybe I’ll meet you when you return the stone. 🙂 I’ll be interested to see if you find any others. Good luck!

  • ginny mcgregor says:

    i found another one on my walk this morning with my dog in findlater:-)

    • Congratulations, Ginny!

      • ginny mcgregor says:

        i find it quite ironic that my great grandfather, who was a stone mason from scotland, worked on the legislative building in regina… and here i find one of the stones! having fun sharing my story with everybody and anybody that wants to listen:-)

  • That’s so neat, Ginny. I’m happy to hear you are sharing your experience; the project is all about bringing people together!

  • Jamie Couillonneur says:

    I found one at Chief Poundmaker’s grave last week, am going to share it with students at the Chief Poundmaker school!

    • Hi Jamie,
      That is fantastic; I always hope that a stone will be shared with many members of the community before it comes back to Regina. That stone and that place in particular was one of my favourites. Thanks for taking it to the school! Please let me know how it goes. And congratulations!

  • Michael Brady, Regina says:

    Hey just came home from my moms house and she and my sister found a stone. They went to see Dads headstone at Fairlight. Dads name is Warren Brady and the stone was sitting on top of the head stone. My sister is going to show it arround town and go back and take a picture for you of where she found it. I watch the news story on the project and thought it was a cool idea, now my family will be forever part of it.


  • Hi Michael,
    Thanks for letting me know of your discovery. This one is very odd, as that is not where I hid the stone in Fairlight. I wonder who moved it there? Anyway, glad you and your family are happy to be part of the project!

  • Michael Brady, Regina says:

    well it says fairlight on the stone. So if you don’t know how it got there then I don’t know either.

  • Michael Brady, Regina says:

    where did you hide maybe we can find out how it got there??

  • wanda Smith-Windsor says:

    Hi there,
    I was touring two friends from Manitoba, seeing sights in the Qu’appelle Valley. I think they found one of your squares on the steps of the Motherwell House, in Abernethy. ? We didn’t know what it was so left it there, hopefully someone else will discover it.
    Wanda S Windsor.

  • Joanne Moisan St.Louis says:

    My Dad found a stone on the St.Louis bridge and I think it is pretty awesome that it remained on the bridge. This a very interesting project.

  • Alexandra Rae says:

    We found one!!!!!!
    My boyfriend and I are from Ontario, and are currently residing in Saskatoon. We are nature nuts and we plan wilderness adventures whenever we can.
    We planned a trip this past weekend to see the beautiful sites of the Badlands in the Grasslands National Park, and to visit Castle Bute in The Muddy Valley. We took on the task of climbing the Bute, when I stumbled upon the tyndall stone and pulled it out of the crevasse.
    We were heading through Regina on our way back to Saskatoon, so we dropped it off.
    We were delighted to be part of such an interesting project. Thank you

    • Hi Alexandra,
      Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story; it’s always nice to hear the details of the discovery of each stone. I’m glad you could be part of the project!
      Best, Terri

  • Carol Munro Branch Librarian says:

    One of our staff found one in the Assiniboia & District Public Library behind the ANF 970.1 section. We are so excited! Thanks for putting one in Assiniboia!

  • Bev says:

    We found the stone that was left at the Crooked Trees in Sept. We were up to show friends from Ontario.A very enjoyable day and a pleasant surprise. Thank you

  • Kathy Kozak-Hill says:

    Hi Terry, my nine year old son Landon found the Yellow Grass one. He and a friend were playing in the park and found it on the centataph. We hope to bring it up on April 12 th. He’s hoping to take it to school for show and tell first.

  • Hi Kathy and Landon!
    Congratulations! I’m glad the stone will go to show and tell before it returns to Regina. 🙂

  • January Legault says:

    Val Marie School students found one on the playground. We will be sending it to Regina:)

  • Heather says:

    Found a stone beside the community center in our little hamlet of Fairy Glen. Thanks for including our little community! What a great project!

  • Great news! Thanks for participating and congratulations, Heather!

  • Ryan Ritter says:

    I just found the stone along the beach at Greenwater Lake. Actually it wasn’t me who found it but my dog Bo when I went down to take him for a swim!

  • Hi Ryan,
    Congratulations to you and to Bo! Please share the stone with friends, family, and your community at large, and then return it to the Legislative whenever you’re able. I’m happy that you are part of the project!

  • Brenda Zinn says:

    My son found one at the Clay Bank Brick Plant on the trails. What a great idea for a project. He is very excited and is sharing it with everyone he can! We will be taking it to Regina on Thursday.

  • Congratulations, Brenda, to you and your son and thanks for participating! Very happy to hear the stone and the project are being shared widely. Best!

  • Valerie says:

    I found the stone in Maryfield this morning. I had seen this block several times over the past year and thought what the heck is that block of wood doing there under the curtains (on the stage of the Maryfield Auditorium Theatre). As you well know, we are preparing the theatre for the new digital projector system and your Mom and I were cleaning and getting ready to paint the back drop and ceiling when I noticed it and picked it up to see what it really was, and if it should go in the garbage. Your Mom was grinning from ear to ear and said “you found it, you found it”.

  • Ha! That’s wonderful, Val! Glad to hear it’s been discovered at last – I was surprised it took so long! Congratulations!

  • wayne says:

    Hi Terri Just read about your interesting project and was wondering how many more tyndall blocks are still out there to be discovered. wayne

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