Perhaps these will help?

§ 10 Responses to Clues

  • Blaze Baillie says:

    We where wondering to date how many stones are left out there?

  • Jaden says:

    I have searched all of the park with the Wadena water tower and can’t find anything. Searched every tree up top and down low. Any additional clue you want to give for Wadena?

    • Hi! Hmmm…. I would suggest focusing your search on the water tower – but there’s no need to climb! The stone was fairly obvious in that location so if you haven’t seen it, chances are it’s already been discovered by someone in the town.

      • Jaden says:

        Hi Terri,
        It definitely was not on the water tower. Darn it! I searched for 2 hours today through every tree on the golf course and searched the water tower thoroughly. It’s probably been found and just not returned to the legislature. I will be checking netherhill on Sunday !

      • Darn! Yeah, someone else must have discovered it. Netherhill, I loved that spot! Keep your eyes on the ground around the building in the image. Good luck!

  • Jaden says:


    Hi Terri,
    Bad news! I hope you can see this picture that’s here but the one in Netherhill had also been found and is 100% not there. The picture if you can’t see it is a picture of how the building is now sided so I imagine when that was done someone found it.

    • Hi Jaden, Hmmm… I can’t see the picture, but yes, I imagine that stone was found during renos. Was there an old concrete step still in place? It was nestled into a hole in that. That’s too bad. Let me know if you’d like more hints for specific places. Thanks for your interest in the project, I hope you find one!

  • Trouble says:

    Could you give me another clue for the visual clue #10? It’s pretty tricky!

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